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Connecting Expertise in

IPO, Fund Raising

Trade & Project Finance

The Global Trade Partnership connects teams in fundraising, capital markets and finance to large-scale global projects.

Based in London, our team of global trade experts are experienced in facilitating commercial agreements and communicating with the market.

We work across new-markets, ESG and innovation in Energy, Telecoms & Technology, Infrastructure and Mining.

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Globally Connected to Major Projects, Investors & Finance

We work with companies, governments and institutions around the world, connecting growth requirements to investment. We have long-standing relationships with CEOs, Government Leaders and Investments DIrectors of:

 - Multinationals

 - Institutional investors and family offices

 - The Commonwealth Entrepreneur's Club

 - Global Chambers of Commerce

Working Together
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Exceeding Your Expectations

Connect with Initial Public Offering Experts 

Access Capital Markets

Going public with your company can enable huge growth opportunities by accessing bigger levels of capital - but timing your move vs the state of the market is key. If you’re contemplating an Initial Public Offering, the benefits can be huge, but regulations and governance requirements will change the way you operate.

Our specialists can advise you on readiness for going public. We can help you to benchmark your current status and build a roadmap to completion. We can explore your company’s position, equity access routes, possible challenges and operating scenarios – finding the best companies and teams to work with.

We can help you to meet nominated brokers and advisors – and also to find the right approach so you de-risk the chances of failing to reach capital goals.

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Find the Right Investors

Find the Right Partner

Funding requirements differ for almost every project – as do the engagement criteria of investors. Reduce the time to get a result burning meetings and running around on roadshows by getting to the right investors faster.

Our team of experts can help you to connect with the right people.

Through our network, we can help you to build either one or many relationships with investors who work on small-to-large scale projects worldwide.

We’ll help you to get investor-ready by building the right story, financial approach and roadmap investors need to see - and market you appropriately to them.

Connect with Trade & Project Finance 

Expand and Grow

Raising finance in today’s market requires an innovative approach to market.

We are experienced in helping management teams to raise debt finance. We’ll help you to explore the most appropriate options of raising finance, highlighting the pros and cons of each.

We enable you to meet the organisations appropriate to your needs. Our network of experts can test your assumptions against our market knowledge, assist on marketing and help with your presentation to funders

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Global Trade Partnership

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